IARA Cutting-Edge Forum (ICE 2020) was Successfully Held

Aimed at promoting international technology and investment exchanges and cooperation in the field of robotics, the ICE forum was held online on May 21, organized by International Alliance of Robotics Associations (IARA) and Zhejiang Robot Industry Association (ZRIA), co-organized by the Robotics Society in Finland, Silicon Valley Robotics, Zhejiang Lab, Alibaba DAMO Academy, Zhejiang Innovation Institute of Robotics, GSR United Capital, Dongfeng Asset Management, and Xiaoshan Robot Town.

The theme of this forum was “innovation and investment for a better life”. It consisted of a startup pitching session and a webinar on wearable Intelligence. Dr. Xuequn Zhang, Deputy Secretary-general of IARA presided over the pitching session. Ms. Andra Keay, Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and Secretary-General of International Alliance of Robotics Associations, Mr. Jyrki Latokartano, the Robotics Society in Finland, and Dr. Song Wei, the Secretary-General of Zhejiang Robot Industry Association and associate professor in Zhejiang University, attended the pitching session and made opening remarks. Representatives of high-end research institutes in Hangzhou, including Zhejiang Lab, Alibaba DAMO Academy, Zhejiang Innovation Institute of Robotics, attended the event and delivered wonderful speeches. Investors in the Robotics field, including GSR United Capital Capital, Dongfeng Asset Management, and Robotics Hub, made speeches. Three pitching companies from around the world presented their business plans, including Magos, Myontec, Roam Robotics. ICE Investor Forum was set up, the advancement of which,Ms. Wendy Keski-Keturi, Director of Investment Department at IARA, is responsible for. The committee is committed to gathering together prestigious investors from around the world, and providing the latest information on global robotics, and promoting cooperation, co-innovation in the robotics field.

At the webinar on wearable intelligence, Dr. Sari Heikkinen of Laurea University of Applied Sciences introduced WeaLE, the collaboration project between Zhejiang University, HAMK University of Applied Sciences, and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Kimmo Vänni, the principal research scientist at HAMK University of Applied Sciences, discussed wearable intelligence technology, and Professor Liu Tao, director of the Institute of Micro/Nano Technology and Precision Engineering at Zhejiang University, gave a presentation on intelligent perception and human enhancement augmentation. Dr. Zhang Xuequn, Chief Scientist of Kun Tai Robot, introduced Sevo Augmentation Technology (SAT) of exoskeleton robot. Mr. Teppo Leppalahti from Laurea University of Applied Sciences introduced the progress of the WeaLE project. Professor Sun Shouqian, director of the Institute of Modern Industrial Design of Zhejiang University, and his team participated.

The event promoted the communication and cooperation between the Zhejiang robot industry and international robot experts and investment institutions and was highly praised by the participants.